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The Gazzeri will be leading Factory shoes for the near future of global markets

One of the current problems of the country’s economy is the inefficiency of small, medium or large-scale economic enterprises, the main causes of which can be found in various variables.

Attention to the element of management in any enterprise and the level of effort and focus to solve its challenges are among the key factors in the productivity or inefficiency of any business, which has a direct impact on the ability to generate wealth in any economy.

Inefficient management means the inability to generate wealth. In other words, in economics, we cannot use the productive factors that we have economically and effectively to balance supply and demand, and finally, to create wealth and improve the economic situation at the enterprise level and consequently at the macro and Lead the country.

Note that as long as we do not have this increase in wealth, the fundamental problems of the economy will almost certainly not be solvable, but will continue to increase. More importantly, the global economy will not achieve its ultimate goal of creating social welfare. A goal that is the ultimate principle and achievement in any economy.

From another point of view, the main challenges of the shoe economy can be classified into two layers. The first layer is related to mental and intellectual foundations and the second layer is the important manifestations of the first layer and its main notion for factory shoes that can succeed in the economy.

It should be noted that the challenges of global economic development are not inflation, unemployment, income distribution and lack of investment especially in factory shoes with attention to rapid grow up industries unit in china. All of these signs and effects are due to mental and intellectual challenges in the area of ​​economic development. How to control inflation in the economy is no longer an unresolved issue.

Inflation is about 150 countries is below 8 percent, according to the World Bank in 2011. More than 150 countries have managed to curb inflation. The problem of increasing investment and reducing unemployment in many developing countries has been solved with successful new developments such as South Korea, Brazil, China, and Turkey that with this decision make factory shoes one of the most profitable in units in any industrial country. What is important and must be solved are the mental and intellectual foundations that make it possible to solve problems.

Today, it is clear to all experts and decision-makers that for economic progress, the mindset of senior community leaders must be developmental. In a develop the mentalist mindset, economic development and progress are of paramount importance. In the develop mentalist mentality, the issues and challenges of economic progress are considered and resolved at the top of the agenda for run factory shoes in profitable products. What is important is to have a clear strategy and strategy to overcome the challenge and to have creative thinking to solve problems and achieve progressive goals.

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Now, if we want to look at this idea on a smaller scale and in an enterprise, we have to say that what is bothering the organization or the business is the lack of a creative strategy to get to the right place.

Lack of use of management science in our country has caused the owners of capital to spend only the capital of unsuccessful managers on high economic productivity. Not having a long-term and comprehensive strategy leads to ambiguity in the company’s profitability and economic development prospects.

Putting together small economic pieces, the country’s complete economic picture is essentially completed, which can be claimed to be the only injection of a develop mentalist mentality by senior executives that will complete the factory shoes.

Having the knowledge to manage and emulate the experiences of successful factory shoes in the world, along with focusing on local conditions and culture, as well as gaining practical and specialized experience in management is essential for the successful management of organizations. Neither in the field of economics nor the field of management, regardless of human theories and scientific and practical achievements, is it not possible to be successful in terms of economic progress compared to societies.

It is the characteristic of developmental elites that with the firm determination to advance their development goals and adhere to economic growth and development based on the cultural and social principles and foundations of society, create the ability to create dynamism and vitality in domestic production and ultimately its influential effect. It shows the increase in the level of efficiency and productivity of the country’s economy.

One of the most important issues for factory shoes is the quality of the products. Every shoe that is offered in stores must receive the necessary approval and special privileges from the technical and engineering unit of the factory Shoes, especially in Gazzeri.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of the National Industrial Group, the technical and engineering unit of the GAZZERI factory Shoes is one of the prestigious scientific and research centers of the shoe industry in the global market. In this factory shoes, we have always tried to provide a reference for monitoring the quality of various types of footwear products by collecting scientific information and standards. To this end, in the shadow of extensive efforts and research, a structure has been developed that meets the needs of knowledge. The first step in this direction was to identify the relevant processes. By identifying the processes, executive, laboratory, control and product engineering instructions were developed. The inspection criteria for leather shoes in factories were not collected coherently and the scales were completely relative and tasteful. Therefore, first, the inspection indicators and then the acceptance criteria were defined. In parallel with the identification of these criteria and the implementation of the monitoring process, equipped laboratory development began and its heart of professional factory shoes.

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At present, this scientific center is responsible for more than one hundred percent of shoe manufacturers in the globe, who are suppliers of products for the factory shoes. Reliable, as well as dimensional, physical and laboratory characteristics of their prototypes, are examined. Ensuring the quality of materials, methods, and samples supports them in the process of purchasing raw materials and control during the process and mass production. Research, development, and training are ongoing processes in this collection.

This unit performs its activities in three parts:

 Product engineering, technical and engineering laboratory and quality control as follows.

Product engineering

In this section, all visual-dimensional and laboratory tests are performed on selected prototypes. These tests include cumin and surface tests, which are performed on detached items and the final product, and for each product after confirmation of all stages of identification. Technically issued. In the product identification card, the dimensional specifications, laboratory standards, and technical specifications are stated, and each identification card has a complete product image and a cumin image. Product one of the important unit in factory shoes in engineering processes because the samples selected in the product supply committee before mass production must be approved in terms of having all the standards and if there is a discrepancy in the product to be corrected before modification (including Raw materials, process control, method, technique, machinery, dimensions, and appearance characteristics) are not approved.

Shoe production

In this section in factory shoes, We will first look at two ways to make shoes. One way is to express the general course of production in an industrial way and the other in a more detailed and semi-industrial way in the form of more traditional activity. This will help you understand the basics of producing this product, but if you are serious, don’t just read this article and consult with experts.

Production of leather shoes by the modular method in factory shoes

Steps of a semi-industrial production and shows the steps of producing and processing shoes concisely and dynamically.

The first way

The first way we will explain to you is the general industrial production footwear in a factory shoe and it is only for the general acquaintance with the industrial course of shoe production.

A shoe is made up of different parts such as the sole, the upper, the heels, the shoe board, the interchangeable sole, and the middle layer of the sole and the sole, which are the main parts of any shoe. Of course, a shoe may have more parts than those mentioned in the shoe design group, not the main parts.

Sole sole: The lower part of the shoe is said to contain the board, sole and middle layer.

Shoe board: This part of the shoe has direct contact with the ground, which varies according to each shoe.

The middle layer of the bottom: This part is placed between the board and the sole of the shoe, which is responsible for absorbing shock. This part has a direct relationship with the type of shoes that sorting in the production line in factory shoes. Using this area depends on the manufacturer, it can even be removed and assigned to the shoe board.

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Shoe insole: The bottom of the interior of a shoe that is in contact with the sole. Shoe insoles can be made replaceable or non-replaceable. Shoe insoles have been added to a shoe building for comfort, health and more, such as odor control, moisture and shoe appearance.

Heel: At the bottom of a shoe (back) is the heel, which is usually the same as the shoe board, and its purpose can be to show a person’s height or flatten it for comfort and practical work of the foot (such as dancing or walking).

Procedure: The procedure of a shoe is the upper part of a shoe that keeps the foot in the shoe. Due to the direct view, the design and layout of this area are related to the type of shoes. The procedure of a shoe shows the nature of a shoe and helps to make it attractive by giving the procedure designs. The stem of a shoe is a part of the procedure in the basic part of a shoe.

Shoe manufacturing process

The production of a shoe follows four steps in the form of an advanced path, which includes cutting the parts, machining (sewing, etc.), making and shaping the components, and completing the parts (assembling) and the shoe compartment. To clarify these steps, we have described them one by one that happens in Gazzeri factory shoes.

Shoe cutting section

At this stage, the shoe parts and components are made with special accessories (cutter, special knife, etc.) that can be given the required shapes. This requires a high degree of skill so as not to produce too much waste. Of course, there are different types of shoes that we have described, the simple form of which is used in shoes with a simple procedure and it depends on the programming team in factory shoes.

The machine part of shoe production

At this stage of production in factory shoes, small parts are sewn together by related professional machines to complete the procedure. First, it is connected to a flat machine and then it is changed from its smooth form to a three-dimensional state by the machine and the holes are made on it according to the order.

To put together

In this part, the components made by mold are shaped into legs. The relevant components are mounted on the mold and connected in several operations.

Completion section

In this section that made by skilled workers in factory shoes, depending on the type of shoe, additions are pruned and painted, waxed and polished to create attractiveness

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Shoe production (men’s leather)

In this section, shoe production is presented in a more detailed and indigenous way, which is used for semi-industrial production of leather shoes and has a more experimental view of the production process

Stages of production of a type of shoe (men’s leather)

The production stages of men’s all-leather shoes include the three main parts of post-production, surface production, and final assembly, which are described below.

Early leather shoe upper: Leather used on the head and edges are uniform and not suitable for use on the upper. The initial cutting is done by a manual cutter to remove excess leather.

Cutting of surface parts: Cutting of surface parts is done by a skilled, skilled and experienced person by the hydraulic press and cutting templates that different for each model on factory shoes. These stencils are bladed and double-sided, and by reversing the stencils, the necessary parts for the opposite side of the shoe are cut.

Eshbalt leather: Natural leather has inconsistencies on its surface that must be smoothed to be used in the factory shoes. For this reason, the flattening machine is used to perform leveling operations.

Lewis: The edges of the leather should be thinner at the points where the stitching is done. This is done by the Lewis machine.

Gluing and Lip folding (hammering): The parts that are to be sewn on them are fastened by hammering after the lubrication is done by gluing them together. This is done to make it easier and more accurate to sew.

Sewing: The sewing of the parts is done with the sewing machine on the floor and the floor.

Additional operations: If necessary, sewing, punching or decorating the shoes will be done at this stage.

Heavy leather cut: This cut is made to remove unusable spots on the insoles and heels.

Cutting off the lower parts: These parts (including the sole, heel and sole of the shoe) are cut by the presser and the blade templates.

Heel preparation: Heel is usually made with small attention to the piece from the discarded parts under the shoe.

Application: Application is the drawing of the back and the sole on the shoe mold and fixing it with nails and glue.

Nailing: After the glue dries and the posterior and insole are fixed, the nails are pulled on the mold.

Floor sanding: The connection between the sole and the sole is not uniform, which is smoothed by the sanding machine that fixed at the end of production lines in factory shoes.

Pressing and sub-pressing: By filling the hole and the protrusions at the junction of the outsole to the surface, the sole of the shoe sticks to the surface by the adhesive. The fillers usually include leather, sawdust, and glue. In the arch of the foot and heel, a piece of wood or metal is placed as a bridge.

Cutting the groove: In this step in factory shoes, the cutting operation of the following stitching groove is done according to the procedure on the bottom to a depth of half the thickness of the sole. The following additions will also be removed.

Groove Making and Returning Edge: In this step for leather shoes, the edge of the groove is first returned by a special machine, then the mold is cut.

Sewing the procedure below: The following sewing to the procedure is done by a special sewing machine.

Groove return edge: After the stitching is inside the groove and after gluing the groove, the edge of the groove is returned to the first position, which will maintain the stitching thread and will not damage the connection of the procedure to the outsole.

Cumin side sanding: The side sanding machine is polished and shaped by hand by a sanding machine.

Heel installation: Cut heels are installed by nails.

Primary heel sanding: Heel sanding is performed.

Final polishing: At this stage in factory shoes, the side of the heel and the soles are polished with soft sandpaper.

Vaccination and Complementary Operations: At this stage, the operation of forming the lower edges and the waxing procedure of the shoe is performed.

Patch Installation: On the heel side of the shoe, a piece of lining leather called a “heel” is placed.

Shoe control and pairing: After final control and troubleshooting, paired shoes are ready for packing.

Packaging: The shoes produced in factory shoes are first placed in a plastic bag and then in a cardboard box for shoes. Finally, all 12 shoe boxes are placed next to each other by the final packing strap.

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Technical and Engineering Laboratory the Technical and Engineering

Laboratory of the Gazzeri factory shoes has the most equipped laboratory equipment. In this laboratory, the following tests are performed on all separate items of pre-production products as well as on samples of imported products:

  • Cumin tests: A – Walking B – Density C – Hardness D – Abrasion
  • Procedure tests: A – Unit weight level B – Hardness C – Thickness D – Flexibility and – Lastometer E – Moisture absorption
  • Insoles and height: A – Thickness B – Flexibility C – Moisture absorption
  • Clause: A – Density of tar and fabric B – Length
  • Metal items such as punches, rivets: Corrosion test
  • Final product: Perform all the above tests according to the characteristics of the product and the test of adhesion of cumin to the surface

Other required tests for factory shoes according to the type of product are UV resistance test and surface paint stability and heel resistance test due to impact, detection of warp and weft fibers and also determining the number of warp and weft in the surface unit, etc.

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Quality Control

  • In the final product quality control section, the product’s outward control of products is performed based on control instructions that are compiled in the technical and engineering set and based on information, are periodically reviewed and record by a skilled specialist in factory shoes. Examples of the final products of these laboratory tests are also performed.
  • In compiling the standards in this collection, we have tried to classify the products according to the type of application (sports, street, classic, winter, as well as women, men’s, children’s, etc.).

Although many processes are mechanized in today’s world, there are still many things that can be done manually in different industries, according to Public Relations and International Affairs of the Gazzeri Industrial Group.

According to experts, the use of various interventions such as wedges and insoles may be able to improve the motor performance of people in the workplace and relieve fatigue. Insoles and wedges are devices used to complete the footrests, including the heel and toe areas, and are used to correct, deform, prevent or improve various foot deformities, or even to strengthen joint strength.

However, the use of the hind leg wedge significantly reduced the activity of the right and left erythrocyte muscles as well as the left multifidus when dynamically lifting the load. the effect of heel height changes is one of the most important factors influencing biomechanical variables and muscle function during squat movement, which has also been considered in previous studies in the field of exercise and rehabilitation.

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Factory shoes and desire of buying

Shoes are a need than an extravagance. They decide how you walk, how you move, your solace, and so forth. They decide your character and adverse effect on your non-verbal communication. Your shoes establish the very establishment you remain upon. An ideal pair of formal shoes for men is the one that has been effective in finding some kind of harmony among solace and style. They ought to be both smart and practical – to guarantee that you look and feel incredible.

Formal Shoes for men

There are various sorts of formal shoes and you can go through days looking for an extraordinary pair of formal shoes for men.

When you comprehend the contrasts between the alternatives accessible, you will be most of the way to putting your best self forward at any occasion, meeting, meeting, or date. Picking the correct pair of formal shoes is significant and there are 3 most significant viewpoints you have to concentrate on to settle on a shrewder choice while

Purchasing shoes, regardless of whether it is truly shopping, or you are looking for men’s shoes on the web.

By the correct pair we mean: 1) the correct size, 2) the correct shading and 3) the correct solace.

On the off chance that you don’t have the correct size, you may wind up making your whole clothing look abnormal and pitiful.

You may discover trouble in strolling and in this way adding to the uneasiness.

Know the specific size of your feet and keeping in mind that looking for shoes, ensure you request the size appropriate that fits.

Purchasing men’s shoes online is an extraordinary alternative as they have size graphs and choosing them would be simple.

Continuously purchase the privilege estimated shoe, regardless of whether this implies paying somewhat more.

Regardless, how wonderful they look or how spending agreeable they are, we encourage you to not go for them, on the off chance that they don’t fit.

With many hues and their varieties accessible, you might be befuddled regarding which shading to pick.

Ensure you know the clothing you wear most ordinarily and the shades of garments you have in your wardrobe.

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Research about different shading blends you can attempt.

The greatest, popular and regular hues informal shoes for men are dark and darker.

These two hues and their shades work out positively for pretty much every shade of outfit.

Brilliantly shaded shoes with a tad of funk are in pattern now and one can likewise settle on those.

If you do wish to have just a couple of pairs of formal shoes, at that point stick to fundamental hues that go with the entirety

Remembering that you will be wearing these shoes for an entire day, the solace of the shoes is the most significant thing that should be dealt with.

Indeed the correct size comes into the picture.

We encourage you to put more in your footwear contemplating your solace.

A couple of value formal shoes for men is an incredible venture because the correct shoes for the correct event can considerably elevate your

A poor decision of formal shoes can prompt your inclination messy as well as to distress and injury.

Ensure the pads are delicate enough that your whole feet feel incredible.

Various brands give the best quality and sharpest formal shoes for men and Gazzeri in looking for the best quality made by skilled workers in factory shoes

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Leading Factory shoes in global markets

For each industry, some companies that inspire us to make try every day harder than before and make concentration to factory shoes that leader in the world, but Gazzeri is in growing every year and we want one of the best manufacturers of leather shoes in the global markets.

  1. Nike

As one of the largest shoe brands and factory shoes in the world, Nike has always been a leader in the creativity and technology of shoe production, and the marketing and advertising companies that work with it are at the forefront of all other companies in terms of popularity and sales. Put. Nike’s latest “Just Take Action” advertising campaign, with the presence of Colin Cap artic, has been useful and effective for Nike and has increased online sales of its products around the world. Nike, the world’s largest factory shoes of sports footwear, is re-creating itself for the digital realm, and although it is in the early stages of this transformation, it has taken several steps toward its goal of becoming a technology sales company.

  1. Adidas

Adidas, originally a German brand, has become one of the largest brands and design base factory shoes. The company, in collaboration with independent manufacturers, has produced more than 900 million sports and non-sporting products and sold about $ 25 billion in 2017. This very large number alone proves that Adidas is a large and extensive company. With more than 1,000 stores worldwide, the brand has reached its peak of success.

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  1. New Balance

Unlike its competitors, New Balance, a multinational factory shoes based in Boston, has avoided using celebrities in its advertising. Using lesser-known athletes, the company claims to prefer originality and the ability to fame. New Balance in the production of the shoe (shoe) for men and women to the fields of basketball, tennis, golf, hiking, running and training in different disciplines, clothes and shoes for children has also produced and owned shoe Dunham ( Dunham ) the Be. The factory shoes are also working to expand its operations beyond the United States and recently opened its first store in the UK on Oxford Street in London.

  1. Asics

Essex is one of the largest and most famous factory shoes and other related equipment in Japan. Since its inception in 1949, ASEX has been one of the world’s leading brands of foot software, committed to youthfulness and educating young people around the world to participate more in society through sports. The company has maintained its values ​​for more than six decades and has produced and manufactured its products according to changes in the community environment.

  1. Kering (Pima)

Kering one of the largest and most famous factory shoes in the world in clothing and accessories with a set of strong brands Luxury (stylish and upscale), fashion and sports such as Gucci (GUCCI), Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta), Valkvm (Volcom) And Puma (PUMA). Puma brand has provided an admirable and comprehensive collection of shoes and footwear, clothing and accessories. Puma in the past few decades has been progressing constantly growing and diverse set of products including profit Puma (PUMA Suede), basketball (Basket), Roma (Roma), Easy Rider (Easy Rider) and offer many other products to its customers. Puma motorsports series products include sports shoes (Linen) jointly with other famous brands like Ducati (Ducati) and Ferrari (Ferrari) have been produced there. The company’s latest product, the Faas line, is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and approved and promoted by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

  1. (Skechers)

Launched in 1992, Skechers is one of the fastest-growing factory shoes in the United States in terms of growth and development, focusing on producing regular, best-selling products for men and women aged 19 to 40. The multi-billion dollar company, which has also won various awards, offers high-quality products, uses up-to-date written and television advertisements, and uses a variety of domestic and international distribution channels and channels. Sketches include boots, sneakers, sneakers, oxfords, sandals and semi-formal shoes.

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  1. Fila

Fila, which started more than nine decades ago as a textile company in Bila, Italy, continues to grow and develop today into one of the largest and best factory shoes and brands in the fields of tennis, football and doubles in Asia, Europe. And America has become. Fila is a top designer and seller of footwear, clothing, and accessories for sports and comfort with products including sports and everyday footwear, everyday clothing, work clothes, and sportswear.

  1. Bata

Bata has been the most well-known Pie ware brand in the world for over 130 years. Led by the third generation of the Bata family, the factory shoes are still working to find new raw materials for shoes, invent innovative technologies and produce new products that are both fashionable and comfortable. Today, the company is present in more than 60 countries and is sold in more than 5,000 stores (retail), owns 24 factories in its full ownership, and is trading and selling online by allocating online business segments. Bata makes full use of the benefits of domestic and international activities and operates efficiently according to the needs of its customers around the world, and this has made it one of the first shoe companies in the world in terms of growth rate.

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  1. Burberry

Barbary is a leading manufacturer of luxury clothing, fashion clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses, factory shoes and other by-products for men, women, and children. The company is one of the most well-known brands in the European Union, Australia, the United States and various parts of Asia. The British design company is looking to expand its shoe business quickly and is determined to make a strategic investment in its leather goods supply chain. Barbary recently bought a set of leather goods from its Italian partner CF&P.

  1. (VF)

Launched in 1899, VF is one of the leading factory shoes in the field of clothing, footwear and accessories, whose activities are socially responsible and compassionate, including geographical locations, routes, and channels. Distribution and a variety of different products. The company produces a wide variety of clothing for every day and your shoes with brands such as North Face (North Face), Wrangler (Wrangler), Lee (Lee), Timberland (Timberland) and Vance (Vans) to its customers around the It offers the world. The popularity of their brands has attracted many customers, which in turn has led them to open several stores around the world. Besides, the company launched its online business in 2013.

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